Pre Planned Funeral Ceremonies

Pre Planned Funeral Ceremonies

Most people have heard of ‘Pre Paid Funeral Plans’, which due to rising costs are becoming even more popular, but what is a ‘Pre Planned Funeral Ceremony’ and what does it involve?


A Pre Planned Funeral Ceremony means you can leave your wishes for your ceremony, just as you would a will.

A number of years ago, death was a subject many did not want to talk about. Today there is a lot more openness, especially as an increasing number of funerals are ‘Celebrations of Life’. One important aspect is that a Pre Planned Funeral Ceremony can save some heartache and decision making for those who are grieving.

As someone who has lost parents and close relatives, it is a difficult time with many different emotions. You have an opportunity to put into a Ceremony how you would like to be remembered: the music, memorable stories and much more. It becomes your legacy to others.

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How Are Ceremonies Pre Planned?

  • Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies offer home visits, or visits to a venue of your choice, if you live in the New Forest (or within a 15 mile radius).  Further travel is possible but will incur extra cost.
  • Alternatively, Pre Planned Funeral Ceremonies are available via Skype and email wherever you are located in the world.

Who Helps Plan The Ceremony?

  • You will have the services of a trained Funeral Celebrant who is able to put together a religious, non-religious ceremony or a mixture of both. Please see Peter’s profile.
  • The Funeral Ceremony of your choosing will be put together including up to three revisions with copies given to you, a relative and your Funeral Director.
  • You will have someone who also understands the Funeral Industry. Information will be given of the various options and choices available to you. All your questions will be answered.
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Pre Planned Funeral Ceremonies are provided direct with Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies who have no agenda but yours.