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Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies is run and managed by Peter J Armstrong. 

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Peter J Armstrong

Certified Civil Funeral Celebrant
Peter understands grief and loss having experienced the loss of both his parents within two months when only 21 years of age. In 2008, he lost his Mother-in-law and in 2009  both his Father-in-law and his last close relative (his side of the family) within two weeks of one another. As a result of this, you will find Peter is very sympathetic and caring.

Peter's Experience

  • Peter took his first funerals when still in his 20’s and has been involved in a number since then.
  • He spent nearly 10 years in the Funeral Industry. Involved in the Management of Cemeteries Liaising working with bereaved people, Funeral Directors, industry businesses and organisations.
  • Peter has public speaking experience in various venues in the UK and abroad (some with an interpreter).
  • He has served on Committees and Boards of various charities, committed to the principle of giving back to the community.
peter armstrong civil funeral celebrant

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What is a Funeral Celebrant?

I have spoken to a number of friends and others about this as many have never even heard of the name ‘Funeral Celebrant’. The term originated in Australia in 1975 and has since spread to other countries around the world. For the history,  this Wikipedia page is an excellent resource to learn about how this aspect of the Funeral Industry has developed. 

Independent Funeral Celebrants come from all walks of life. In the UK, the majority will plan Funeral Ceremonies which incorporate religious aspects, non-religious or a mixture of both. The best will not come with any agenda of their own. It is worth knowing, however, that some will only take strictly non-religious ceremonies. This would sadly deny someone a simple hymn or prayer if that is what they wanted.

The only aim of a Funeral Celebrant should be to plan a fitting Funeral Ceremony that reflects the life, beliefs and values of the deceased. A good Funeral Celebrant will be an organiser, writer, interviewer; someone with empathy; ideally someone who has experienced grief and loss; an experienced public speaker, a facilitator and more.

A Funeral Celebrant will be able to officiate at Gravesides, Crematoria and Ashes internments. They are able to lead or officiate at Wakes, Memorial and Thanksgiving Services at a venue of your choosing. Many will spend hours on planning (after visiting), writing and then leading a high quality funeral ceremony that is truly memorable.

peter armstrong civil funeral celebrant

Peter's Achievements

Guest speaker at Cranfield University to industry professionals at a corporate annual conference. Author of a number of articles for the National Journal as well as six half hour programs recorded for local radio. Also a judge for Cemetery of the Year.

His team won an annual Customer Service award with his administrator winning employee of the year.

Oversaw the implementation of a new Cemetery with a wild flower “natural burial” area which resulted in a national award never won by a UK Cemetery Service.

Southern England in Bloom Award (Certificate of Excellence) for a Cemetery that had previously been in need of some serious ‘TLC’.

Peter was invited to speak at a Corporate Funeral Industry Conference.

Why a Civil Funeral Celebrant?

After helping a friend get established as a Funeral Celebrant, Peter decided to train and officially ‘join their ranks’.

He is able to use his life experiences and expertise to ensure personalised and meaningful funeral ceremonies are produced and delivered for those who have lost loved ones.

Peter is able to personally conduct Funeral Ceremonies across the New Forest, Southampton, South Hampshire, East Dorset and South Wiltshire. Other areas may incur travelling cost. 

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