Why Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies?

Everyone is unique. Every life is one of kind. The personalities of our loved ones shape the experiences we share together. We all have quirks, habits, hobbies and passions: they make us who we are. These qualities should be celebrated in death as they are treasured in life. A bespoke funeral ceremony is tailored to the person it honours. It is a unique service that brings family and friends together to commemorate an individual, placing that individual at the centre of the celebration.

You will have as part of this service:

bespoke funeral ceremonies

A Meaningless or Memorable Funeral Ceremony?

Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies was started because I believe it is your choice. Sadly, the example below describes a real person and a real ceremony. It inspires me to do better for my clients.

personal funeral ceremony for football fan

A man’s big passion was football. While he never attended church, he was assigned a “church officiant”. At his funeral ceremony, his friends, also mad keen football supporters, would have loved to wear their teams colours in his honour. But no one visited his relatives or friends to find out about the man’s life. There was no mention of his life’s passion in the service. No memories of him were shared. The “send off” was remembered for all the wrong reasons.

A Funeral Celebrant would have allowed football shirts to be worn, or at least a scarf as it was winter time, and had the deceased’s football shirt on the coffin. One of the songs is likely to have been the team’s anthem. A few memories, football or otherwise, from friends would have gone a long way. It doesn’t take too much to make a ceremony memorable. To make people smile, even laugh on the day. 

bespoke funeral ceremonies

Kind words about our past Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies

Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies in the New Forest, Southampton and Beyond

Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies are able to conduct Ceremonies which contain religious, non-religious or a mixture of both elements; a full range of musical tastes (in a Crematorium), poems, readings, prayers, quotations and other options. It’s your choice.

Funeral Ceremonies can be held at a variety of venues including Crematoriums,  Cemeteries, Graveyards or even on private land (with permission). We’ve put together a helpful list of local venues

For Wakes, “Celebrations of Life”, Thanksgiving and Memorial services in homes, halls and other venues, B.F.C. can help with the service and ceremony aspect in and around the New Forest. 

bespoke funeral ceremonies

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Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies are based in the New Forest, close to Southampton, in Hampshire (UK). Services are available in South Hampshire, East Dorset and South Wiltshire. Other areas may incur extra travelling cost. Some services are available remotely over Skype, please get in touch using the contact form or call today.